So we finally got round to doing the leagues for 2013 (editor’s note: we know that’s disgraceful as the season is nearly over, we intend to find a suitable way to show our penance). The leagues have been updated as far as the results for Midland Tournament and show that Kent Target have built themselves a good lead in the main league and also lead the league according to size of clubs. They lead from Vale Impi in the main league and Ledbury in the size league.

Kent have a total of 353 points which works out as 6.55 points per playing member (of which they have 53). Kent are the second biggest club in the country, with only one less member than Vale Impi, who have 54 members. However, Vale Impi have a total of 225 points to date. That gives them 4.17 points per playing member, only good enough for 6th in the size league currently.

It is the far smaller club Ledbury who are currently pushing Kent the hardest in the size league, having managed an impressive 5.85 points per playing member, with the majority coming from their Primary Juniors. Ledbury currently sit 6th in the main league. The other clubs who make up the top six in both leagues are Rugby (4th and 3rd), Celyn (3rd and 5th) and Cotswold (5th and 4th). Behind those six teams in both leagues come Arden and then Pennine. Then Northern Lions, Limemere Sparks, Welsh Dragons and Coltshire are the other four clubs who have all scored points to date this year.

There are four tournaments left to take into account in the leagues (Platypus, Cotswold, Nationals and Rugby). For Kent to not win the main league it would need for them to have a poor end of the season and Vale Impi to finish strongly. However, in the size league their position is far more vulnerable, their large club size means they have to keep winning at all levels, whereas smaller clubs like Ledbury and Rugby may find it easier to keep winning at the grades they have been successful at all season.