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When it comes to saddles we believe very firmly that saddle fit is incredibly important and we would always recommend that you have any saddle fitted by a professional saddle fitter. Some people will tell you that one stock saddle will fit any horse. That is physically impossible, horse come in different shapes and sizes and their withers and backs are all different widths and lengths. The same rules that apply to fitting an English saddle apply to stock saddle, you are still trying to avoid the same problems from poor saddle fit and horses don’t magically change shape when they have a stock saddle on their back.

However, stock saddles are often designed to fit reasonably well on a wider range of horses as they feature high cantles, which are often cut back and so will often not make unwanted  contact with the withers. However, they can be too high in the cantle for some horses/ riders and even though they might clear the withers they may be too tight around the shoulders on some horses to allow complete freedom of movement.

Stock saddles are also often designed with large under panels to spread the weight over a wide surface area and so avoid pressure points. This will work well on  a lot of horses but if a horse has a short back then a long stock saddle might put some pressure too far back on the horses loins. Also, depending on the profile of the saddle and the profile of the horses’ back (which should be similar) there can still be pressure points. A saddle with a shallow profile from the wither backwards might lead to the saddle bridging on the withers and rear of the saddle panels, leading to no pressure in the middle of the saddle and a lot of pressure at the front and back.

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The Bombers Stock Saddle


The Bombers Stock Saddle has been developed to give polocrosse players an high quality but affordable saddle. It is both very hard wearing and features a high quality finish so that it looks great and also will last you for many, many years (it even comes with a 5 year guarantee). Its tree is virtually indestructible (watch this video if you don't believe us) and it also features easily detachable stirrup leathers on stirrup bars (rather than the stirrup leathers simply being attached to the tree as is common on some stock saddles). This means that the leathers can slide off in the event of fall and a player being dragged along by a trapped foot. We have  demonstration saddle in stock for people to try for fit to both the horse and the rider before committing to ordering one. The new Bombers Polocrosse Saddle comes complete with:

  • re-enforced tree
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Buffalo hide leather
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Available in small, medium and large
  • Saddle Bag
  • Girth
  • Surcingle
  • Aussie 4-Bar or Oxbow 4-Bar aluminium stirrup irons