It’s Not A Sport, It’s An Obsession


The league tables will show how all the clubs are doing throughout the season. The places are decided by the number of points each club has and these points are decided by the placings the club has achieved at each tournament. When a team gets placed first, second or third in any grade it earns a certain number of points for its’ club. The number of points varies depending on the grade in which the team was competing. So if the grade is won the club receives 25 points, second place gets 20 points and third place 15 points (note: third places are nowadays very rarely awarded by tournament organisers but back when we started the leagues they were).

A full list of the points system is to the left. League points will only be allocated to places which were actually awarded prizes by the tournament organisers. The size of the clubs is taken directly from the UKPA membership records. When there are two teams involved in winning a grade they receive half the points each, hence there are 0.5’s on the league.

There are also two league tables: one which is based purely on the number of points and one that is based on the number of points in relation to the size of the club. This is because it would be unfair to simply have one or the other. Small clubs would never stand a chance if the size of the club wasn’t taken into account and likewise it would be unfair to punish a club for being big, when probably all clubs should strive to be as large as possible and to try and play a team in each grade.

At the end of the year the winner of each league receives a trophy at the UKPA Awards event. The league winners receive the Janet Jones Memorial Shield and the winners of the league according to size are awarded the Polocrosse Extreme Cup.

The leagues were designed to give players more of a long term goal, so that we don’t all just think that the nationals is the only tournament that counts, and to make us remember that its not just A graders who are important.

The latest from the leagues:

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