It’s Not A Sport, It’s An Obsession


We put the majority of our profits from our polocrosse equipment and tack selling activities back into sponsoring the sport.

In the last few years we have sponsored the UK Polocrosse National Championships, the UK Polocrosse Under 21 team when they toured Zimbabwe, both the 2015 and the 2017 Pony Club Home Nations Internationals and lots of other UK polocrosse tournaments. In total we have given about £6,000 in cash, equipment and vouchers.

In 2018 we sponsored the following:

The Arden Arena Leagues – Throughout the winter and spring we sponsored most valuable players at the winter and spring leagues and also sponsored hoodies for players who played in every date.

The UK Polocrosse World Cup team – for each Charles Owen helmet we sell up until the World Cup in 2019 we are giving £5 to the UK Polocrosse World Cup team. This is to celebrate the fact there is a finally a UK manufactured polocrosse helmet and to recognise the effort that Rachael and Danny Duhig put into getting these new helmets manufactured and on the market.

The Pony Club – We helped sponsor the UK vs Australia test match series and also sponsored the scoreboard at the Pony Club Polocrosse Championships.

The UK Polocrosse Under 19 team – We helped sponsor the kit for the UK Under 19’s team when they went on tour in South Africa

Yorkshire Warriors Polocrosse Club Tournament – We were proud to be sponsoring a grade at the inagrual Yorkshire Warriors Polocrosse Tournament.

Hartpury University Polocrosse Club – We helped sponsor the new  playing shirts for Hartpury’s polocrosse team