The UK polocrosse community again descended on Henley in Arden for the Midland region’s annual tournament on the 3rd and 4th of August. The rain also descended on the Sunday and soaked the ground, players and horses alike and ultimately lead to the prize giving being carried out in the clubhouse rather than the traditional venue of the garden.

Kent Target were the club side which did the best over the weekend but Celyn, Vale Impi, Arden and Rugby also picked up multiple placings. Kent started right at the top when they won the A grade. Their team featured four of the UK team but they had to fight back from behind against the ultimately second placed Cotswold team that had three of the other UK team members in it. The Kent men cleaned up the best numbers, with Joel Sics getting best number 1, Jason Webb taking best number 2 and Will Halcrow as best number 3.

The B grade was split into two and the upper B grade was taken quite comfortably by a Rugby team that will now, given the decisions made at the UKPA EGM, almost definitely be in A grade for the Nationals. Kent Target picked up second spot. In the Lower B grade in was Arden who won on their home ground, coming from behind in the last two chukkas to defeat a Vale Impi team.

In the C grade it was a shock win for a Kent team who were originally aiming to be in D grade. They overcame a combined Limemere Sparks and Cotswold team in a hard fought final which was played in slippery and wet conditions where the two teams were even for much of the game but Kent just managed to pull out the win in the last chukka. Kent also picked up best number 1 and 2 with Jack Brown and Fergal Egan, while Limemere Sparks got some consolation as Hannah Oliver-Byrne won best number 3.

Celyn won the D grade for the first of their wins with second place going to Vale Impi and Vale Impi also managed a one- two in the E grade, a not uncommon occurrence this season. Celyn also picked up the Juniors with Arden in second spot. Rugby picked up their second grade win in the Primary Juniors with the Ledbury’s youngsters taking second spot.

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