Celyn have won the UKPA league for the first time in their history as they picked up points in nearly every grade to get to a total of 280 points in a fragmented and wet season which saw as many tournaments cancelled as held. However, they had to share the win with Kent Target as both clubs finished on an equal number of points, the first time the league has ever been tied. Rugby won the league according to size in their first ever season as a club, the first time a club has ever triumphed on their debut. Kent Target also finished second in the league according to size while Rugby came second in the main league.

Rugby’s win had a lot to do with their top team, they contributed 3.05 points per player in the B grade and 2.38 points in the A grade to an overall total of 11.29 points per player but Rugby also won points in the C grade, D grade, E grade and Primary juniors. They were comfortably ahead of Kent Target who ended with 6.36 points per player but then came Cotswold with 6.16.

Kent Target shared the main league honours with Celyn and they would have probably won the title outright had it not been for Celyn’s domination at their own tournament in the middle of the season, where they won a total of 104 points. Kent’s youngsters were their real strength this year as their Juniors won the club a total of 116 points and the Primary Juniors won 33 points.

Cotswold might not have finished as high as they would have liked in the leagues but they dominated the A grade as they scored 135 points, which was comfortably the most points of any team in the A grade all year and also they achieved the most points per player in A grade with 4.82. Kent were second with 75 points and then Rugby were third with 50.

The B grade crown belonged to Pennine in the end with 85 points as they picked up points at various tournaments throughout the season. Rugby finished second with 64 points but they were very closely followed by Vale Impi with 59. The C grade was Arden’s with a total of 80 points but Welsh Dragons pushed them hard all season and finished second with 56. Limemere Sparks managed to finish third in the C grade with 50 points in their debut season.

The D Grade was won by Celyn with 64 points but Canterbury Colts were close behind with 57 points and then Ledbury Lions, Rugby and Cotswold were all closely grouped together competing for third place on 45, 41 and 38 points respectively.

The E grade was comfortably won by Vale Impi with 81 points, who have dominated this grade over the years as they bring in new players each year and train them up. As previously noted Kent dominated the Juniors with Celyn and Arden behind them on 58 and 48 points. Celyn won the Primary Juniors with 47 points, Kent Target and Rugby were equal second with 33 points and Pennine were fourth with 19 points.

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