So a mere two and half months after the season started we have produced the first set of Polocrosse Extreme and UKPA leagues! (Editor’s note: We are blaming the World Cup for the delay, we blame that for everything nowadays. The other day the office kettle exploded. That was the World Cup’s fault too!).

Anyway the first two and half months of the season have been particularly good to Arden, they top the main league with 204 points, almost as many points as they acculmulated in the whole of last season (their 2010 total was 241 as they finished in third place) and their fortunes in the size related league are also looking better than last year. In 2010 they managed just 3.71 points per player and ended in 11th place. This year they already have 3.28 and are in 7th place, as they have shrunk in terms of numbers of players and also gained more placings, particularly in the Juniors and the C grade.

In the main league after Arden come Pennine, who are the biggest climbers as they were 6th in 2010, on 137 points and then right behind them are last year’s winners Kent Target with 136 points. Vale Impi, who finished second to Kent last year, are in fourth place with 109.

In the size league last year’s winners Vale Impi are in 6th place with 3.39 points per player and last year’s runners ups, Ashfields, are in 3rd place with 5.91. They are just fractionally behind Pennine in 2nd spot on 5.96 but neither of them are even close to the run away leaders Highlanders who have put on 13 points per player, entirely in the A grade.The 4th spot goes to Solent, who finished in 5th spot in 2010, and then in 5th spot are Cotswold, who are also at 5th spot in the main league.

So with only a handful of tournaments left to go it is Arden who hold a good lead in the main league and Highlanders in the size league. Arden could be over hauled by one of the other big clubs but Highlanders could prove very tricky to catch, the only thing that might help the clubs chasing them is that most of their players have flown back to Australia now!

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