The UKPA today went a bit communication crazy today as they released the 2010 UKPA magazine, the latest UKPA newsletter and details of a new Head of Communications all in one day. Possibly this was cunning move to try and bury the news of their bad results against Ireland or it could just be that everything happened to be ready at this time (the second option is much more likely but we do quite like the idea of the UKPA trying to bury bad news).

They released a electronic draft of the 2010 UKPA magazine and promised members that hard copies would be with them shortly. The magazine is out later than in previous years and the UKPA said that this was because it was bigger and better than ever before. A quick look does confirm that this is true as it is fairly chunky 48 pages (though we haven’t checked them all so some of those could be blank). To read it via the power of Issuu, click here .

The UKPA also released a new version of the their newsletter, which confirmed that the test match series against Ireland, which were filmed over the weekend by the Country Channel will be shown on Sky sports later this year. They also indicated that they were looking to work more with both the Country Channel and Sky in the future in order to televise more polocrosse. They also reported in the newsletter on the recent demos at the Festival of the Horse and did a round up on the areas of coaching, umpiring and sport development. To read the full newsletter, click here .

Finally, the UKPA reported that John Whitehead would be taking over as Head of Communications, a newly created post which used to sit within the sport development role.John was the editor of the magazine this year and now will move onto to take control for the wider aspects of communication for the UKPA.