The UKPA have this week launched a formal consultation process to their members concerning the format of the Inter Regionals, scheduled to be held on the last weekend in September (the 25th and 26th). In a note to the membership the UKPA suggests two format for selection for the Inter Regionals, one based on players playing for the region in which their playing club is based and one based on players playing for the region in which they live.

The UKPA has submitted comparative numbers for the two systems to show how many players each region would have (see table below) and also listed details of which counties would be included in each region under each system (as they say it is necessary to move some counties around to make the second system move even). The second system gives more even spread of players between the regions but this will mean some players are playing for regions to which they have no club connection, which could annoy them. The UKPA says that only 65 players would actually end up in a different regions under the second system and they list the reasons for a change in a document which they have sent out to the membership. They include making the Inter Regionals more even and making the regions work better to grow and develop the sport.

System 1
System 2

In order to hear the memberships views on these ideas the UKPA has launched polls on its website, one asking players if they actually intend to play at Inter Regionals (which is meant to return this year after a gap of 4 years) and a second poll asking them which system of selection they would like to see used. They have also requested that people contact the executive via the UKPA secretary, Jeff Parr, or their regional representatives to comment on the two systems.

This consultation of the membership about these ideas is due to two things, firstly the UKPA executive seems determined to engage its membership and make them involved in the running of the association and secondly they want to try and make Inter Regionals a successful event and so do not want to run it under an unpopular format.

The UKPA CEO’s Iain Heaton told us that he hoped the membership would give the executive feedback on these ideas and vote in the polls. “Our membership’s views are very important to us and seeing we have over 300 playing members I would like to see over 200 votes on those polls, though hopefully all from different people! Also, I would ask the members to please send in comments as your reasons for liking or disliking a particular system are equally important as your vote.”