The UKPA off-season promotional drive seems to marching ever onwards as the UKPA follow up their demos at Blenheim Horse Trials and recent Sky Sports appearances with a range of new promotional documents, a subsidised starter kit offer and demos at Your Horse Live, one of the largest horse shows in the UK.

The UKPA seems to be following through on the promise made by their Sports Development Officer, Iain Heaton, at the National Championships that the off-season will be the time that the sport is promoted and grown. The UKPA reported that the demos at Blenheim went exceptionally well and that the recent Sky Sports and Country Channel programmes have been very well received. Now to follow up on that promotion, they have launched a range of new documents called ‘Anyone for Polocrosse’ which are aimed in particular at riding schools, riding clubs and Pony Clubs. Alongside these they have launched a subsidised starter kit offer, in association with Bennett Polocrosse Equipment and Equineweb.

This weekend, in what is believed to be their final promotional act before Christmas, a demo team, including Jason Webb and James Roberston of the UK men’s side and the always entertaining Tom Wigglesworth, will perform two demos in the main arena at Your Horse Live. The UKPA will have a stand on site as well and will be promoting the sport and the Association throughout the event.