The UKPA has launched a new ‘Introduce a Friend to Polocrosse’ scheme whereby a UKPA member who introduces a new member to the association will receive money off their own membership the following year. The scheme basically means that a person who introduces a new full price member will get £15 off their membership next year. There are a range of other discounts for introducing non full price members, (full details of the scheme are below).

When asked about the new scheme UKPA Sports Development officer Iain Heaton said “That story is a complete lie, I have never met that goat and nor has Richard Chapple!” Then realising he had got the wrong end of the stick he went on to say “Oh sorry you mean the new “Introduce a Friend” scheme! Yes, well, that is to encourage the membership to grow the sport and recruit new members. It will reward people for putting time and energy into bringing new peple into the sport. A lot of people do this already and its only right that they get something back from it. This is the first of a number of ideas we are bringing out to move the sport forwards. We have also produced a new document called Promoting Polocrosse in order to help clubs and individuals promote their tournaments and their clubs.”

Full Details of the Scheme

As part of the UKPA’s plan to increase membership there is a new ‘Introduce a Friend’ scheme whereby for each new full price playing member you introduce you receive £15 off your next year’s membership! The scheme is limited to introducing up to a maximum of three new members, so if you introduced three new full price members then you receive £45 off your membership (half your membership if you are a full price member; if your membership was less than £45 then you can only receive the total value of your membership back). If you introduce a non full price member then there is range of membership reduction rewards on offer:-

  • For each new junior or Pony Club member you introduce you receive £5 back
  • For an under 18 member you receive £10 back
  • For each non playing member you receive £8 back
  • For a new family membership you receive £15 (just as if you had introduced a full price new member)
  • For each new adult member you receive £15 off your membership
  • If you recruit more than three members, say three full members and two Pony Club members, you will receive the maximum possible reward, so in this case you would receive £45 pounds for the three full members.

This scheme is in operation as from April 2008 and the membership forms have been changed to reflect this. Therefore if you do recruit any new members make sure they put your name down so you can get your reward!