Chairman: Dave Brookes

Dave had been Chairman for the previous eight years until he resigned shortly before the UK National championships. He resigned, citing the problems that might arise if the UKPA did not rethink its way of penning at tournaments (read the full story here). Dave received a standing ovation at the Nationals and there were calls for him to return to the Chairman position. Certainly a great number of the membership will be happy to see him standing, but there have also been many who say that it is time for a change at the top and that Dave standing again will simply result in the UKPA being in the same position as it was previously. Critics of his point out there has been little or no growth in the UKPA for the past few years and that the gospel of polocrosse does not seem to have spread. People also point out that he did resign and now seems want his job back; he may have to assure the voters that this will not happen again. However, his supporters point out the excellent reputation of the UK teams abroad and the brilliant World Cup result where the UK team finished second.

Chairman: Jane Wright-Roberts

Jane is presently the UKPA Director of Coaching but has thrown her hat into the ring for a top job. She has published a manifesto which describes why she feels the sport has not grown in recent years and she sets out her targets for growth. Her critics have said that her manifesto still seems very focused on her old coaching role but she does also lay out plans for the World Cup 2011. She openly says that she feels polocrosse is at points an “old boys network” and that this needs to become a thing of the past. She has been embroiled in controversy in the past, most noticeably at the World Cup where she was involved in discussing with the IPC the possibility of Wales being a separate country within the IPC. She has been described on our very own forum as “barking” and a “go getter who can make things happen” so obviously public opinion is presently divided!

Secretary: Sue Brookes

Sue was secretary of the UKPA until she also resigned shortly before Nationals. She has always been described as an excellent secretary and always seemed to get items of UKPA business done in ample time. With no one standing against her it would seem very likely she will be re-elected, the only thing that may some of the voters may resent is that she, like Dave, did previously resign.

Treasurer: no nominations received

It is worrying that no one wants to be in charge of the UKPA funds (not that there is a great deal of it), it is therefore likely that the Exec will have to ask someone to take over the role, possibly the current volunteer treasurer Jonathan Beckerlegge.

Trustee: Julian Smith

Julian Smith is currently a UKPA trustee and no one is standing against him. There are not known to be any ill feelings against him within the membership or dissatisfaction with the way he performs the role and therefore it would seem that he is guaranteed re-election.

Membership Secretary: Jan Jenkinson

Jan is currently membership secretary and again there is no one standing against her. She would also seemed assured of re-election as the public opinion is that she fulfills the role of membership secretary excellently.

Chief Umpire: Hamish Michael

Hamish Michael is a very experienced player and umpire. He has umpired a number of top level UK matches and is widely respected within the sport. No one is standing against him so his succession to the role would seem guaranteed.

Sports Development Officer: Iain Heaton

Iain Heaton is currently a Player Representative and acting Sports Development Officer. He has published his manifesto to take on the position full time and no one has challenged him for the role.

Executive Officer: Jeff Parr

Jeff Parr is currently UKPA Executive officer as he was co-opted into this role last year by the Exec. He is now seeking the membership’s vote and no one is standing against him. Again there would seem to be no dissatisfaction with his performance and his election to the post would seem a formality

Player Rep: Richard Chapple

Richard Chapple is a very experienced player and has played at the top level. He played properly for the first time in a few years in 2007 and rounded off his season by being part of the Arden B grade winning side. He is also a very well known character within polocrosse, very approachable and is always willing to help anyone out who needs it. He was party animal of the year 2006 and is a regular polocrosse commentator.

Player Rep: Guy Robertson

Guy is also a very experienced player and has represented the UK at international level, not least in the last World Cup. He is Chairman of the Highlanders Polocrosse Club and in the last three years has won two National A grade titles and been runner up once. He is very committed to developing polocrosse within the UK and has done a great deal of work with bringing on young players within the game. He helped a great deal of young UK players to develop their game by giving them top A grade experience with the Highlanders.