Kent Target finally overcame their A grade jinx and reclaimed the Nationals A grade crown from Highlanders. Highlanders were unbeaten in the A grade at the Nationals since 2016 but Kent pushed them close in 2021 and then in 2022 swept them aside, as the addition of players like John Rae to their line up just made them too strong for a Highlanders team that lacked any overseas superstars of their own. Kent also won the overall UKPA Nationals trophy, with strong performances across the grades, despite the best efforts of the other clubs to try and deprive of Kent of yet another Nationals Club Cup win.

Bethersden Bulls claimed the B grade from Kent, helped by their own overseas star Gael Beaufils of France. Arden took the C grade off Kent but Kent then claimed both the D and E grades from Celyn and Limemere respectively.

Arden won all three Junior grades, with Celyn in Open Juniors, Kent second in Novice Juniors and A combined Celyn and Kent team second in the Primary Juniors.

UKPA Nationals 2022 – Full Results

A Grade
1stKent TargetBest 1John Rae
2ndHighlandersBest 2Layla Sics
  Best 3Jason Webb
  Best HorseNevada (ridden by John Rae, owned by Sophia Harpin)
B Grade
1stBethesdan BullsBest 1Gael Beufils
2ndKent TargetBest 2Hayley Marsh
  Best 3Ash Harwood
  Best HorseBanjo (Charlie Kish)
C Grade
1stArdenBest 1Emma Joslin
2ndKent TargetBest 2Amanda Wasdell
  Best 3Alice Power
  Best HorseMarima (Kate Henning)
Lower C Grade
1stLimemereBest 1Taryk Van Rensburg
2ndCotswoldBest 2Malkia Beadle
  Best 3Gill James
  Best HorseRoman (Jess Clark)
D Grade
1stKent TargetBest 1Sophie Harding
2ndMixBest 2Fernando Testa
  Best 3Tori Moss Hobbs
  Best HorseRev (Sophie Harding)
E Grade
1stLimemereBest 1Shana Rawbone
2ndKent Target LadsBest 2Jack Bailey
  Best 3Helen Theakston
  Best HorseEssie (Doug Kirkham)
Open Juniors
1stKent TargetBest 1Daisy Stone
2ndArden RedBest 2Taryn Tinker
  Best 3Gracie Shearing
  Best HorseLola (Rosie Webb)
Intermediate Juniors
1stArdenBest 1Isaac Flint
2ndKent TargetBest 2Bibi Mason
  Best 3Masha Humphries
  Best HorseChilli (Masha Humphries)
Open Primary Juniors
1stYorkshire WarriorsBest 1Perdy Gale
2ndCelynBest 2Charlie Brookes
3rdLimemereBest 3Morvah Luke
  Best HorseBanana (Perdy Gale)
Novice Primary Juniors
1stArdenBest 1Austin Hayes
2ndYorkshire WarriorsBest 2Violet Bates
  Best 3Millie Taylor
  Best HorseSmurf (Millie Taylor)
Lead Rein
Best PonyMartha GardnerBest 1Summer Robertson
Best Pick UpLogan BullBest 3Freddie O’Byrne
Best CatchFreddie HaleBest PassRosabella Howett
Best GoalGrace RawboneBest Line OutElla Rawbone
Kirsch CupTalula Mason and Georgie
Best Under 14Kiki Flower 
Best Under 16Alice Power
Best Under 21Millie Wilson Fitzgerald
Junior HorsemanshipIsabella Stone 
Senior HorsemanshipMillie Wilson Fitzgerald
Tony Shearing MemorialJoel Sics 
Fletcha PeronLittle V (Daisy Stone)
Best Condition HorseFanta (Alice Kish) 
Best Home Produced HorseMustang Sally (Debbie Harris & Dara Mangan)
Best Overall HorseLola (ridden by Rosie Webb)
National UmpiresSimon Shearing, Max Pedley and Jack Page
Best Male VeteranEd Flowers 
Best Female VeteranPenny Webb 
Best NewcomerMichael Rowbotham
Goal Judge DrawLenard (Limemere) 
Field Marshal DrawKatie Gillanders