It’s been two years since the two league titles were awarded but the result in the overall UKPA league was unchanged, with Kent Target coming out on top in the league by a comfortable margin from Arden. However, there was a change in the points per player league with a win for the smallest club in 2021, Welsh Dragons. What is particularly impressive about this club victory is that Welsh Dragons in 2021 only had one player, Alfie Vollans. With only one player they couldn’t field any complete teams in the year but Alfie’s appearances in a number of mixed Primary Juniors teams accumulated enough points for him (and therefore Welsh Dragons) to be crowned the champion in the league according to club size!

Alfie totalled 15.55 points over the season, outscoring Kent Target, who averaged 13.76 points per player, to lift the Polocrosse Extreme cup for the Points per Player League and Arden, who came third with an average 12.73 points per player. The 2019 winners Highlanders slipped to 7th place with 9.85 points per player. The Welsh Dragons have not won this league since 2007 so it has been a long wait for a league title.

Alfie playing in the 2022 Pony Club Arena Challenge

Kent do get to retain the Janet Jones Memorial Trophy for the overall league, with Arden having to settle for second place as they did in 2019. However, this time it is by the more convincing margin of 771 points to 522. The Yorkshire Warriors came third with 275 points and Celyn in fourth with 204 points.

A review of the leagues by grades shows the success of Kent Target at multiple levels of the game. They top scored in the A grade, the B grade, the D grade, the Open Juniors and the Primary Juniors.

In the C grade Yorkshire warriors top scored, and indeed this is where they picked up nearly half their points with 120 points in the grade across the season. Yorkshire Warriors also scored the most points in the Intermediate Juniors with 66 points, with Arden close behind on 58 points.

Arden didn’t manage to win any individual grades but they were second in many of them, namely the A grade, the B grade, the Open Juniors, the Intermediate Juniors and the Primary Juniors.

Celyn scored the most points in the E grade, with 69 points, pushing Kent into second place with 64 points. Celyn also came second in the C grade, the only grade where Arden and Kent were both pushed into third and fourth respectively.

Well done to all the winners but particularly to Alfie and the Welsh Dragons. We have had some small clubs win the league before but never one with just one player! So a huge well done to him!

In 2022 we will be aiming to update the leagues more regularly again and also making a change to the scoring system; namely we will be making all the grades equal in terms of points, whereas historically there has been a sliding scale of points from A grade downwards. This no longer seems fair to us (we can’t quite remember why we came up with that system originally but we are sure it made sense at the time back in 2006) and so we will be equalising all the points for every grade. Well done again to the winners and we look forwards to starting it all again in a few weeks!

To see a PDF version of the League tables click here

UKPA Overall League – Total points per Club – Janet Jones Memorial Trophy

ClubNumber of playing membersA GradeB GradeC GradeD GradeE GradeOpen JuniorsIntermediate JuniorsPrimary JuniorsPoints
Kent Target562198262526415825108771
Yorkshire Warriors298–  12045211666–  275
Celyn36–  –  832069–  32–  204
Bethersden Bulls14–  23603623–  –  –  141
Limemere20–  1816617162226121
Warwick106323–  23–  –  –  –  109
Highlanders1095–  4–  –  –  –  –  99
Cotswold3082316–  39–  –  590
Eastern Pennine3–  –  –  1423–  –  –  37
Welsh Dragons1–  –  –  –  –  –  –  1616

Points Per Player League – Polocrosse Extreme Cup

ClubNumber of playing
A GradeB GradeC GradeD GradeE GradeOpen JuniorsIntermediate JuniorsPrimary JuniorsPoints per Player
Welsh Dragons1–  –  –  –  –  –  –  15.5515.55
Kent Target563.921.461.100.931.142.830.451.9413.76
Eastern Pennine3–  –  –  4.677.67–  –  –  12.33
Warwick106.302.30–  2.28–  –  –  –  10.88
Bethersden Bulls14–  1.644.252.541.64–  –  –  10.07
Highlanders109.50–  0.35–  –  –  –  –  9.85
Yorkshire Warriors290.28–  4.121.550.710.552.28–  9.49
Limemere20–  0.900.800.310.850.791.101.286.04
Celyn36–  –  2.300.561.93–  0.88–  5.67
Cotswold300.280.770.53–  1.28–  –  0.163.01