The Yorkshire Warriors Tournament took place at the Northern Racing College, near Doncaster, on the 29th and 30th June. The home team managed to win the Lower D grade but it was Celyn who did the best in terms of placings with three grade wins. Cotswold grabbed a couple of second spots while Arden got a win and a second. There were also placings for Beaudesert, Eastern Pennine and Highlanders.

A Grade

1st: Highlanders/ Celyn

2nd: Cotswold

Best Number 1: Max Pedley (Highlanders)

Best Number 2: Laurie Cam (Cotswold)

Best Number 3: Layla Henshaw (Highlanders)

Best Horse: Frankie – Beth Scott (Celyn)

B Grade

1st: Arden

2nd: Beaudesert

Best Number 1: Tegan Bristow (Arden)

Best Number 2: Sarah Peaker (Beaudesert)

Best Number 3: Theo Cornforth (Arden)

Best Horse: Spooky Lee – Tegan Bristow (Arden)

C Grade

1st: Celyn

2nd: Cotswold

Best Number 1: Charlie Evans (Celyn)

Best Number 2: Karl Fisher (Yorkshire Warriors)

Best Number 3: Caitlin Heagney (Yorkshire Warriors)

Best Horse: Val – Charlie Evans (Celyn)

Upper D Grade

1st: Yorkshire Warriors

2nd: Arden

Best Number 1: Jess Alderson (Yorkshire Warriors)

Best Number 2: Phil Henshaw (Arden)

Best Number 3: Jeanette Mitchell (Yorkshire Warriors)

Best Horse: Val – Charlie Evans (Celyn)

Lower D Grade

1st: Celyn

2nd: Eastern Pennine

Best Number 1: Emily Roberts (Celyn)

Best Number 2: Fernando Testa (Celyn)

Best Number 3: Rachel Tranter (Celyn)


1st: Cheetahs

2nd: Tigers

Best Number 1: Philip Watney (Yorkshire Warriors)

Best Number 2: Ilja Puccinati (Northern Lions)

Best Number 3: Georgia Richardson (Celyn)

Best horse: Little V – Katie Davies (Celyn)