The Rugby Polocrosse Club Late Season tournament took place on the 21st and 22nd of September at Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre. The weekend was hit by quite heavy rain on the Sunday, which forced play to come to an end early and lead to the organisers having to calculate who had won the different grades using a combination of the results of the games that had taken place and the team’s resulting goal differences.

It was Arden who did the best overall, they finished in the top two places in all but two of the grades and also picked up a lot of best number prizes. Celyn also had a good weekend, picking up the final A grade of the season and also winning the E Grade and Open Juniors. There were also placings for Yorkshire Warriors, Kent Target, Limemere as the UK grass season for 2019 drew to a close and the arena tournaments beckoned.

A Grade

1st: Celyn

2nd: Arden

Best Number 1: Katie Loutsiou (Celyn)

Best Number 2: Amy Harper (Celyn)

Best Number 3: Danny Woodward (Celyn)

B Grade

1st: Arden

2nd: Cotswold

Best Number 1: Boy Wilson Fitzgerald (Arden)

Best Number 2: Luca Puccianti (Yorkshire Warriors)

Best Number 3: Seren Myall (Yorkshire Warriors)

C Grade

1st: Yorkshire Warriors

2nd: Arden Mix

Best Number 1: Kate Tranter (Celyn)

Best Number 2: Oli spoor (Bethersden Bulls)

Best Number 3: Becky Davies (Arden)

D Grade

1st: Arden 1

2nd: Arden 2

Best Number 1: Seona McCredie (Arden)

Best Number 2: Coral Henshaw (Arden)

Best Number 3: Phil Henshaw (Arden)

E Grade

1st: Celyn

2nd: Kent Target

Best Number 1: Emma Muddiman (Celyn)

Best Number 2: Christian Baker (Rugby)

Best Number 3: John Fitzgerald (Rugby)

Open Juniors

1st: Celyn

2nd: Kent Target

Bets Number 1: Georgia Wasdell (Kent Target)

Best Number 2: Jess Clarke (Celyn)

Best Number 3: Naomi Lynch (Kent Target)

Novice Juniors

1st: Limemere

2nd: Arden

Best Number 1: Beau Kinser (Limemere)

Best Number 2: Ralph Scarf (Limemere)

Best Number 3: Lottie Wilson Fitzgerald (Arden)

Primary Juniors

1st: Arden

2nd: Limemere

Best Number 1: Taryn Tinker (Arden)

Best Number 2: Ruby Shearing (Arden)

Best Number 3: Gracie Shearing (Arden)