The UKPA and Polocrosse Extreme Leagues remain very close with four tournaments left of the season. Arden lead with 295 points and have a narrow 34 point lead over Kent on 261 points. Kent are 94 points clear of Celyn in third place on 167 and after that it gets very close with Yorkshire Warriors (157), Cotswold (140), Beaudesert (117) and Bethersden Bulls (112) all above the 100 point mark.

Warwick haven’t quite broken the 100 point mark yet but they continue to do best in the A grade with 90 points and as a small club are doing well on a points per player ratio (editor’s note: we are awaiting some up to date membership figures before we release a copy of the league according to size). Kent, Cotswold and Highlanders are all bit behind them with 65, 55 and 48 A grade points respectively.

Arden are leading the B Grade with 100 points. Indeed they are the only club to make triple figures in one grade. Beaudesert are second in the B grade on 53 points.

The C grade standings are very tight, with Bethersden Bulls on 69 points and then Kent on 58, with Beaudesert just behind them on 56.

Arden are also leading the D grade with 90 points, though their main rivals for this grade are Chiltern, who are on 62 points. The E grade sees Cotswold on 21 points and Kent in second place on 17.

Yorkshire Warriors are leading the Open Juniors with 54 points, with Celyn second on 41 and Kent just behind them on 39 points. The Primary Juniors again sees Arden leading on 55 points with Kent just behind on 47 points, almost an exact mirror of the overall league standings.

With four tournaments to go there is still a lot of opportunities for all the clubs to win more points and with so many clubs very closely grouped in the leagues it should be an exciting end to the season.

ClubA GradeB GradeC GradeD GradeE GradeOpen JuniorsIntermediate JuniorsPrimary JuniorsTotal
Kent Target65185817173947261
Yorkshire Warriors18253895414157
Bethersden Bulls126931112
Cotswold Uni2323
Nottingham Trent Uni1212
Eastern Pennine1212