Cotswold polocrosse club hosted their first tournament for two years at a new venue of Longdole polo club near Gloucester on the 25th and 26th of June and the hosting club had success down the grades as they made use of their home advantage.

The polocrosse players who went along to the tournament were rewarded with two top quality pitches in a brilliant new venue. Sadly the rain did come down heavily on Saturday afternoon, which stopped play for two hours and also made the pitches slightly less beautiful than they had been. However, Cotswold must have been relieved when the rain passed again and play could restart safely, after having to abandon their last tournament in 2014 after torrential rain hit it.

There was 123 players at the tournament and there was good quality play throughout the grades, though the A grade was slightly weaker than usual with the Highlanders team not present and Kent lacking a couple of their senior players. However, there was no lack of quality in Cotswold’s own A grade team as they won their own tournament with three wins from their three matches, with Kent finishing as runners up. Emily Keen of Cotswold picked up best female player while Jarrod Richardson of Kent picked up best male. Rachel Duhig’s Lola picked up best horse after another impressive performance.

In the B grade no one could touch Rugby as they defeated all their opponents comfortably to top the grade. With the relaxation of the Mixed teams rule for the A grade for the 2016 season it will be interesting to see if they look to move up to A grade before the end of the season, though there were also clubs missing players in their B grade teams so they should see their competition in that grade increase in the coming months as those players return. Rugby didn’t have it all their own way in the best numbers and horse stakes though. Rugby’s Alex Bull won best male but Sharon Kennedy of Kent won best female. Morosha, owned and ridden by Arden’s Natalie Cameron, won best horse.

In the C grade it was again a win for the home team Cotswold with Kent again in second spot. Alice Kish of Kent won best female while Sean Hardy of Cotswold won best male. Bella Bradford’s Po won best horse.

The D grade saw a win for the combined Cotswold/ Solent team. Laura Scott of Cotswold won best female while Joao Evora (also of Cotswold) won best male. Best horse went to Jason Hayward’s horse.

Cotswold managed a one two in the E grade and also saw Luke Ralli win best male player. Shauna Evans of the Welsh Dragons won best female player. Emma Williams of Cotswold won best horse.

In the Junior grades there was success for Kent in the Open Juniors, as they beat Three Counties in a hard fought match to push Three Counties into second spot. Lauren Wilson of Kent won best no 1, Freddie Twinberrow of Arden won best number 2 and Ronnie Smith of Kent won best number 3. Vieri, owned and ridden by Jack Rees Elford of Three Counties, won best horse.

In the Intermediate Juniors a combined Limemere/ Cotswold section won the day with a combined Chiltern Arden team in second place. Ellie Wilcocks of Cotswold won best number 1, while Sammy Borland of Arden won best number 2 and Imogen Cross of Limemere won best number 3. Seren Myall’s horse won best horse.

Full Results


A Grade

B Grade C Grade D Grade E Grade Open Juniors Intermediate Junior
1st Cotswold Rugby Cotswold Cotswold / Solent Cotswold 2 Kent Limemere/Cotswold
2nd Kent Kent Kent Kent Cotswold 1 3 Counties Chiltern/Arden
Best 1 Lauren Wilson (Kent) Ellie Willcocks (Cotwold)
Best 2 Freddie Twinberrow (Arden) Sammy Borland (Arden)
Best 3 Ronnie Smith (Kent) Imogen Cross (Limemere)
Best Female Emily Keen (Cotwold) Sharon Kennedy (Kent) Alice Kish (Kent) Laura Scott (Cotswold) Shauna Evans (Welsh Dragons)
Best Male Jarrod Richardson  (Kent) Alex Bull (Rugby) Sean Hardy (Cotswold) Joao Evora (Cotswold) Luke Ralli (Cotswold)

Best Horse/ Pony

Lola – Rachel Duhig (Cotswold) Morosha – Natalie Cameron (Arden) Po – Bella Bradford Jason Hayward (Solent) Emma Williams Vieri – Jack Rees Elford (3 Counties)

Seren Myall (Chiltern)