Hello and welcome to our new look site for 2015! Hopefully you all like it as much as we do and hopefully it should improve your user experience on the site (editor’s note: a big thank you must go to Anna Kimber Tarbuck for all her hard work designing and then building the new site! Not many website designers would happily copy across 8 years worth of news stories from an old site to a new one!) The idea behind the new design is to allow us to update the site quicker and from anywhere in the world. We also now have tagging enabled so you can easily find all the stories to do with a particular topic. You can also now comment on stories to add you own views and opinions (though please be aware that if they are offensive we might delete them!)

We have some exciting plans for 2015, the Polocrosse Extreme team are travelling out to South Africa in July for the World Cup and we will bring you updates from there throughout the competition. As always we will be keeping a close eye on competitions and all the latest news here in the UK itself but we welcome your news from around the world and hopefully with our new site it should make it easier for us to publish and tag your stories so please send them into us! We would love to have some more worldwide correspondents!

We also have some exciting plans for sponsorship in 2015 following on from 2014 where we sponsored a number of the Junior and Primary Junior competitions throughout the season and sponsored the UK Under 21’s on their tour to Zimbabwe. We are working on one deal in particular presently which we are very excited about so watch this space!

We will continue to import and stock polocrosse equipment and accessories so please just get in touch if you need anything, normally we have most things in stock.

Sadly, at this stage we don’t think there will be a Polocrosse Extreme Cup in 2015! With the UK season effectively split in two by the World Cup and us travelling out to watch that we doubt we will be able to find the time to fit one in but you never know, maybe we will look to do something in an Arena in the autumn!

So hopefully it is going to be a very exciting year for us and we look forwards to sharing it all with you!