The UKPA AGM and Ball took place in mid November and saw the usual mixture of debate, elections and late night partying. There were a variety of topics discussed at the AGM and there were two formally proposed resolutions, regarding a possible introduction of associate membership for club officials and a possible formalisation of the procedure and timelines for changing any playing rules. However, the first resolution was not voted in as it was felt to be dangerous to create a new class of membership with full voting rights at a discounted price, though the meeting felt that the class could exist without full voting rights, and the second resolution was withdrawn on the day after it was decided that the wording wasn’t quite right.

Most of the discussions in the meeting focused on developing the sport in the UK and possible improvements and changes to be made for 2015 and beyond. The meeting discussing grading procedures, mixed polocrosse and the changes made to the junior grades in 2014, amongst other topics.

The AGM also saw the election of a new UKPA secretary as Jake Hall was elected to the post, after Anna Kimber Tarbuck stepped down after two years of hard work in the post. The UKPA thanked Anna for her work and welcomed Jake as their new secretary. Also at the AGM Eric Jenkinson was duly re-elected as the chairman of the UKPA and it was announced that Barry Amor would continue as UKPA CEO for another year, after it was revealed a few weeks before the AGM that he was considering stepping down from the post.

After the serious business of the AGM there was the far less serious business of the ball. The UKPA put on a Las Vegas themed ball, complete with gambling tables, croupiers, a little white chapel selfie photo booth and everyone’s favourite polocrosse DJ, DJ Jon. All the attendees seemed to have an excellent night and there were undoubtedly a few sore heads in the morning.

At the ball each year the annual awards are announced and the full list is below. As mentioned in our Leagues round up Rockwood Harriers claimed the Polocrosse Extreme Trophy for the League according to size and then Henry Christiansen and Ruaridh Gillanders took home the two new Commentators of the Year awards. These new awards were sponsored by Polocrosse Extreme and Henry and Ruaridh took home £300 in prize money between them! We congratulate all the award winners on their achievements!

The Charles Mason Trophy, for a non-Exec members who has done a great deal for polocrosse – Jan Jenkinson
The Minter Strover Trophy, for an under 16 who has been a great ambassador for their sport – Alice Kish
The Chapple Shield, for the most improved player – Annabel Twinberrow
The Laura Millington Trophy – Olivia Miller
The Jock Kay Memorial Trophy, for the horse of the season – Paso (Debbie Harris)
The Player’s Player Award – Alex Richardson
The Player’s Umpire Award – Jake Hall
The Janet Jones Memorial Shield, for the main league – Kent Target
The Polocrosse Extreme Cup, for the league adjusted for size – Kent Target

Best Numbers for the Season:

Ladies’ Number 1 – Charlotte Pykett
Ladies’ Number 2 – Kerry Bean
Ladies’ Number 3 – Debbie Harris

Men’s Number 1 – Max Pedley
Men’s Number 2 – Joel Sics
Men’s Number 3 – Jason Webb