It was a good weekend for Welsh clubs at the Cotswold polocrosse tournament on the 24th and 25th of August as the two Welsh sides, Celyn and Welsh Dragons picked up four grade wins between them. The Dragons, from South Wales, slightly out did their country men from the North as they managed a one-two in the D grade and claimed the B grade. Celyn won the F grade and the Juniors.

Meanwhile Rugby also had a good weekend, winning the E grade and the Primary Juniors. Cotswold won the A grade and Vale Impi won the C grade. However, despite their C grade win Vale Impi will slip further back behind Kent Target in the race for the league as Kent continued their consistent form by picking up second spot in the A, B and C grades, giving them 54 points compared to Vale Impi’s 43, as Vale Impi also picked up second place in both the E and F grades. Ledbury also stayed in the hunt for the League according to size of club as their Primary Juniors finished second and in the Juniors it was Arden who took second spot.

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