Rugby ended the season on a good note as they performed a one two in the A grade, won the E grade and got second in both the D grade and the Primary Juniors at their own end of season tournament on the 21st and 22nd of September at Onley Grounds.

With Nationals having run two weeks before and all the juniors now firmly back in school for the new term player numbers are always a bit lower at September tournaments but there were still plenty of fast paced and furious action as clubs fought to get some valuable points in the league. Ultimately Rugby grabbed themselves a excellent haul of points along with a good clutch of best player and best horse and rider trophies.

Kent also had a good weekend, winning the B grade and getting second in the C grade. Second place in the B grade went to a combined Irish and Vale Impi team and then Arden ended their season well by picking up the C grade. Celyn won the D grade ahead of the hosts and Vale Impi came second in the E grade behind the hosts. It was mixed team who won the Juniors ahead of the Rugby Primary Juniors team after a hard fought contest.

Full Results

A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
D Grade
E Grade
Primary Juniors
1st Rugby Kent Target Arden Celyn Rugby Mixed
2nd Rugby Irish Vale Impi Kent Target Rugby Vale Impi Rugby
Best Horse and Rider Charlotte Pykett and Sasha (Cotswold) Layla Henshaw and Bushpig (Vale Impi) Kelly Farr and Pico (Rugby) Jeremy Pigeon and Millie (Rugby) Phip Whitby and Guss (Ledbury) Millie Wilson-Fitzgerald and Polo (Rugby)
Best player Corey Buys (Rugby) Emma Erity (Ireland) Jack Brown (Kent Target) Stuart Dyson (Pennine) Jayna Henderson (Rugby)
Best Number 1 Hannah Middleton-Smith (Limemere Sparks)
Best Number 2 Maeghan Brown (Ledbury)
Best Number 3 Boy Wilson- Fitzgerald (Rugby)