Kent Target managed to clean up at their home tournament, with a victory in the A grade, a share of second in the B grade, a one-two in the C grade and winning both the D1 and D2 grades.The other clubs were therefore left with slim pickings between them but Welsh Dragons will be pleased to get second in the A grade, albeit it was slightly assisted by the withdrawal of both the Vale Impi and Cotswold teams as they both had horses go out lame.

On paper the A grade Final looked like it could come down to whether the Kent men or the Welsh Ladies could overpower their opposition section by more goals. The Kent men’s section featured the UK trio of Jason Webb, Joel Sics and Will Halcrow while the Welsh Ladies were Debbie Harris, Lauren Williams and Lizzie Shearing. However, in the end in was the Kent men who reigned supreme as they overcame a brave display by Jonathan Swift, Brad Thumm and Hugh Carthew and their Ladies were ultimately pretty well matched by Sammy Rowden, Penny Webb and Emily Gilfillan. Jason Webb won best male player while Lizzie Shearing picked up best female player and best horse for L’oreal.

It was a Irish Ladies team that featured three of their stars from the last World Cup that emerged victorious in the B grade having made the long trip across the Irish sea (and most of England) to beat all the other teams and lift the trophy. The team featured a formidable section of Joanne Lavery, Avis Wotton and Ruth Shanahan and no other team could live with them. They pumped in goals for fun at most points of the weekend and while their other section of Amy Buckley, Heidi Brabazon and Derbhala Murphy might not have scored quite so many goals they held their own throughout and never let any team even really start to reduce the lead that the first section had built. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, Joanne, Avis and Ruth also picked up best 1, 2 and 3.

In the C grade it was Kent versus Kent in the final and Kent therefore emerged victorious. However, they didn’t quite manage a clean sweep of the best numbers and best horse as Jake Hall of Vale Impi took away best number 2.

In the D grade it was again Kent who got the win with Vale Impi in second place. In this Grade again Kent dominated the best numbers but Kathy Hopkins picked up Best number 2 for Vale Impi. In the D2 Grade it was again a Kent win but this time Ledbury were in second place and they got the majority of the best numbers as well, with Dom White taking best 1 and Pete Tuffnell taking best 2 for Ledbury. Lucy Williams from Vale Impi took best 3 and George Parish’s Brownie took the best horse prize for Kent.

In the Primary Juniors Katie Hazeldon had a good weekend as she took best number 2 and her pony Willow took best pony. Keiran Hazeldon took best number 3 and Charlie Kish took best 3.

Full Results

A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
D Grade
D2 Grade
Primary Juniors
1st Kent Target Irish Ladies Kent Target Kent Target Kent Target
2nd Welsh Dragons Kent/ Welsh Dragons Kent Target Vale Impi Ledbury
Best Horse L’oreal – Lizzie Shearing (Welsh Dragons) Castanka – Joanne Lavery (Irish Ladies) Papaya – Alice Kish (Kent Target) Hoorican – Jen Chilton (Kent Target) Brownie – George Parish (Kent Target) Willow – Katie Hazeldon (Kent Target)
Best Male Player Jason Webb
Best Female Player Lizzie Shearing
Best Number 1   Joanne Lavery (Irish Ladies) Alex Brown (Kent Target) Jodie Davis (Kent Target) Lucy Williams (Vale Impi) Keiran Hazeldon (Kent Target)
Best Number 2   Avis Wotton (Irish Ladies) Jake Hall (Vale Impi) Kathy Hopkins (Vale Impi) Peter Tuffnell (Ledbury) Katie Hazeldon (Kent Target)
Best Number 3   Ruth Shanahan (Irish Ladies) Tom Mitchell (Kent Target) Madi Kish (Kent Target) Dom White (Ledbury) Charlie Kish (Kent Target)