Day five saw the first of the finals and it was Queensland who got the best of it, beating New South Wales twice in quick succession, winning 17-14 in the Under 21 Mixed and then 13-9 in the Under 12 Exhibition Final. New South Wales did grab the glory in the Senior Men Challenge Cup, winning 30-16 against South Australia.

Elsewhere it was moving into the final rounds for a number of the groups and honours were fairly even between the big three states, Western Australia grabbed a good win off NSW in the Senior Mixed to go through to the final but their Under 24 women lost to Queensland 20-10 and NSW beat Queensland 19-14 in the Under 16 Open.

Also in the Under 16 Open Victoria pulled off a good win as they beat WA 18-16 and keep their hopes of a place in the final alive. They would need to beat NSW and hope Queensland lose to WA though in order to make it.

Probably though one of the results of the day came in the Under 16 Mixed as South Australia beat NSW 16-10. NSW will make the final anyway to play against Queensland but it was a great result for the far smaller state of SA to end their Under 16 campaign on.

The line up for a few of the other finals were also sorted in the day’s games. Queensland and New South Wales will also face each other in the Masters Mixed Final and the Under 21 men’s final. Queensland lost to NSW in their final Under 21 men’s group game but none of the other teams can catch either of them now so they will both go through to the final.

In the Senior Women NSW will face WA in the final, There is one group game left which will see WA take on Victoria but the result of that cant stop both WA and NSW going through to the final. However, NSW will not feature in the Senior Mixed Final, their defeat to WA meant that the final will see Western Australia take on Queensland (Breaking News: we believe that Western Australia might have won this final but have not had official confirmation yet)

Check out the full results for each divisions so far and the current standings by looking at our amazing Results and Table PDF.

Full results from Day 5

Final Challenge Cup – NSW 30 vs SA 16
Final Under 21 Mixed – QLD 17 vs NSW 14
Final Under 12 Junior Exhibition – QLD 13 vs NSW 9
Senior Men – QLD 33 vs NT 8
Senior Mixed – WA 20 vs NSW 15
Senior Mixed – QLD 30 vs NT 9
Under 24 Women – QLD 20 vs WA 10
Under 24 Women – NSW 25 vs VIC 15
Under 21 Men – WA 23 vs SA 15
Under 21 Men – NSW 22 vs QLD 14
Under 16 Open – VIC 18 vs WA 16
Under 16 Open – NSW 19 vs QLD 14
Under 16 Mixed – SA 16 vs NSW 10
Under 16 Mixed – QLD 13 vs NT 12
Masters Mixed – VIC 23 vs NT 8
Masters Mixed – NSW 18 vs QLD 11