It was Pennine Polocrosse Club who got their season off to the best possible start in the UKPA season opening tournament at Onley Grounds on the 14th and 15th of May. Pennine won every grade they had a team in, taking the B, C and E grades and also claiming second spot in the E. Having defeated themselves along with everyone else to make it a one-two in the E grade they defeated Ashfields fairly easily in the C grade final and then also fairly easily defeated a combined Ashfields/ Vale Impi side in the B grade decider.

Joel Sics looked on particularly fine form in the B grade on his return for his home club and he duly picked up best number 1 while Sam Marsh, who was returning after a few years absence, picked up best number 2 and Emily Gilfillan won best number 3 to make it a clean sweep of best numbers in the B grade for Pennine. Ashfields grabbed some comfort in the C grade when Joe Marsh picked up best number 1 but that was as far as it went with Ceri Willams winning best number 2 for Pennine and Morgan Griffiths best number 3 for Pennine.

In the A grade Cotswold grabbed the win, overcoming the Highlanders in a hard fought final which was close at first but then Cotswold pulled away in the last chukka, lead by their inspirational chairman Danny Duhig who also won best number 1 for all his hard work while Vickie Metcalfe picked up best number 2. There was a distinctive Australian flavour in the A grade with Luke Mathie playing for Cotswold, both Scott Gurney and Chris Dunlop for Kent and Jared Martin and Emily Walsh for Highlanders. Of the five Scott would probably say he had the best weekend as he picked up best number 3.

In the Juniors Arden managed a one-two of their own and also picked up best number 1 via Natalie Cameron and best number 3 via Seymour Smith. Jake Hall of Vale Impi picked up best number 2.

Full Results

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A Grade B Grade C Grade E Grade Juniors
1st Cotswold Pennine Pennine Pennine Arden
2nd Highlanders Vale Impi/ Ashfields Ashfields Pennine Arden
Best Numbers
1 Danny Duhig (Cotswold) Joel Sics (Pennine) Joe Marsh (Ashfields) Gary Pedley (Pennine) Natalie Cameron (Arden)
2 Vickie Metcalfe (Cotswold) Sam Marsh (Pennine) Ceri Williams (Pennine) Jake Hall (Vale Impi)
3 Scott Gurney (Kent) Emily Gilfillan (Pennine) Morgan Griffiths (Pennine) Seymour Smith (Arden)