by Richard “Chappers” Chapple, our man in Africa

Zambia have announced their final 8 person team for next year’s world cup, being held at Bishop Burton College in the UK. Zambia named the squad after a weekend of top quality action at the Zambia high goal invitational tournament. The final 8 players who will represent Zambia at their first ever world cup are as follows:


Kirsten Michelson
Jo Cocker
Lauren Watson
Vicki Sharp


Anthony Barker
James Rae
Henry Beckett
Murray Evans

Zambia’s ambition at the World Cup is to target wins against the teams from the USA and Ireland, though Ireland’s performance against the UK in recent months has worried them. Zambia have been being coached by Charl Du Plessis, the former South African polocrosse star and have been playing against a number of players from both South Africa and Zimbabwe to help their preparations. However, the difference in horses between Africa and the UK could affect all the African countries and perhaps not suit the tactics they would ideally chose to use.