The Polocrosse wedding of the year took place on Saturday the 18th of September and went on till about half seven the next morning, (editors note: well that is the last recorded sighting of a party goer standing up right. The bride and groom themselves lasted till half five which was fairly impressive!). It was, of course, the wedding of Gregory Malcolm Sargeant to Sophie Rebecca Lodder and it took place at Henley in Arden in Warwickshire.

After the ceremony in the local church the reception took place in a beautifully decorated marquee on the lawn of the Lodders’ family home. The bride looked dazzlingly beautiful, the groom ruggedly handsome, champagne flowed like water, the food was exquisite, the speeches top notch and the band (which was Big Agenda, band of fellow polocrosse player Jason Burbidge) on brilliant form.

Having tied the note in style the couple will soon be relocating to Zimbabwe, the country of Greg’s birth. There they will join their former Arden and UK polocrosse team mate Hamish Michael, who sadly couldn’t make it back for the wedding but he did send a long message of congratulations, which was loudly applauded as it was read out, and his name was toasted in his absence.

Obviously here at Polocrosse Extreme when we were offered the wedding photo deal we jumped at the chance and so here are a couple of the best ones from our favourite photographer Pip “Parazzi” Russell. And they aren’t even on an angle!