The final UKPA and Polocrosse Extreme League places have been revealed and it is Kent Target and Vale Impi who take the two top spots, Kent in the main league and Vale Impi when size of clubs is taken into account. However, it has really been Vale Impi’s year, as they also took second spot in the main league in only their second year as a playing club. They scored 303 points, more than double the total they achieved in 2009 and a total of 11.63 per playing member to top the league accoridng to size. Kent managed a total of 436 points and a total of 9.47 per playing member, a pretty respectable score which saw them in fourth place in the league according to size.

It was Kent’s third win in the league, they also won in 2006 and 2007 but in recent year’s they have lost out to Pennine and Arden and so this a welcome return to the top spot for them. Kent’s top hunting ground was the A grade where they scored the most points of any club with 145 but they also top scored in the B grade with 82 and the primary Juniors with 66. They were fourth in C grade with 56 and fourth in the D grade with 50. Their juniors finished second in the Juniors grade to Arden with 37 points.

Arden were rampant in the Juniors, scoring 140 points over the season, which was a massive factor in them finishing third in the main league with 241 points. Aside from their juniors Arden had a low scoring year, they failed to post any points in the A grade and just 13 points in the B grade and scored just 3.71 points per playing member to put them 11th in the league according to size.

Vale Impi scored 117 of their points in the C grade, just beating Ashfields in that grade who ended with 106 points. It was also Ashfields who finished second in the league according to size, with a total of 10.21 points per playing member, which they will be delighted with as it marks a huge improvement on last year where they scored just 3.14 points per playing member. Vale Impi also did well in the D and E grade, they were second in the D grade with 67 and first in the E grade with 58. Their primary juniors picked up second with 19 and their juniors fourth with 24.

Third in the league according to size were the Canterbury Colts with a total of 9.69 points per playing member, and it was also the Colts who picked up fourth in the main league with 204 points, an excellent brace of results in their first year.

So looking at grade by grade, Kent won the A grade with 145 points with Cotswold second, in their first year back as a playing club, on 80 points and Celyn third on 55. It was disappointing year for the Highlanders as they ended fourth in the A grade with 50 points, 9th in the main league overall with 103 points and with 6.83 points per playing member, putting them in 7th place in the league according to size.

The B grade also belonged to Kent with 82 points but only just as the Canterbury Colts ended second with 77. Solent and Highlanders tied for third with 53 points each in the B grade.

The C grade went to Vale Impi on 117, with their eastern region rivals Ashfields close behind on 106. The two clubs top sides fought out some close contests over the season and both now have said they will look to move up to B grade next year. Pennine were slightly further back in third spot with 72 points.

The Juniors belonged to Arden as they finished run away winners with 140 points, suggesting that they have some very talented young players coming up through the ranks for future years. Kent picked up second with 37 points and Pennine third with 32.

The Primary Juniors went to Kent who scored 66 points on the season, as they claimed 2 wins and 2 second places. Vale Impi finished second with 19 and Arden and Welsh Dragons were joint third with 14.

The D grade was won by the Canterbury Colts on 79 points, with Vale Impi coming a narrow second on 67 and then the Welsh Dragons were only five points further back on the 62 points, as they ended the season particularly strongly.

The E grade was won confortably by Vale Imp on 58 points, with Canterbury Colts second on 29 and Solent third on 17.

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