Ireland’s Under 21s continued their winning form over their UK counterparts, winning the recent test match series in Carrickmines, Ireland on goal difference. Ireland beat the UK on their home soil last September and the UK travelled to Ireland looking for revenge. In the first test match they got it as they won 25-18 with a strong performance. However, on day 2 the Irish came out even stronger and managed to win and overturn the 7 goal advantage that the UK had built in order to win the test match series for the home side.

These matches are the first of a number of encounters between Ireland and the UK this year as the Irish senior and junior sides travel to north Wales in July to face the UK sides in a series of test matches. The UK Under 21s may potentially also face the USA and New South Wales are likely to send a Junior side which will play both the UK and the Irish.

The UK season starts next week in Kent and will build steadily throughout the next few months to the test matches at the end of July and then the National Championships at the end of August.