The UK polocrosse team doesn’t seem to have much luck with broken bones just before major competitions. There was Danny Duhig’s thumb just before the UK Under 21’s tour to Queensland in 2006. Then Sophie Lodder broke her arm just before the 2007 World Cup. Now it is the turn of UK and Kent Target star, Jason Webb. Jason has broken his collar bone, throwing Kent Target’s plans for this weekend’s Ashfields tournament into disarray and also having wider implications for the UK who are due to play Ireland in a month’s time. Kent are believed to have got Jannie Steenkamp, the South African international player, in to cover Jason spot for Kent this weekend as he happened to be in the UK for a few weeks but there will be no such possibility for the UK. Jason was voted the UK’s Best Male Player against South Africa last year and his absence would be very noticeable in a UK team.

We consulted with various medical experts (editor’s note: Medical experts to us are web search engines and the NHS Direct website) and have established that collarbones usually take 8 to 12 weeks to heal and it is not suggested that you play physical sports during that time. All in all that doesn’t sound great for the UK but let’s not forget this is Jason Webb, surely he will heal faster than normal man! Plus is polocrosse really a very physical sport, sure you get the odd knock but the Irish wouldn’t play rough would they….

Watch out for our new feature, “Webby Watch” where we update you on how well he is healing!