The UKPA have given the polocrosse community in the UK (and possibly around the world) three reasons to be cheerful in the coming months. Firstly, they reported on the success of their recent demo at Blenheim Horse Trials and followed this with news of polocrosse being on Sky Sports and of the UKPA Annual Ball.

The UKPA reported that members of the UK Under 16 and Under 21 squads put on demos on all four days of Blenheim Horse Trials in Oxfordshire and these were well received. The UKPA Sport Development Officer, Iain Heaton, said in a statement to the membership “The demos were more successful than even I had hoped for. They really drew in people to watch, especially on the Saturday and Sunday when people were standing several rows deep around the ring. Afterwards we had lots of people coming up to us to congratulate us on how good they were them and to ask for more information on polocrosse. Hopefully we have increased the awareness of polocrosse within the UK and also got more people interested in playing.”

The demonstration was stage one of the UKPA’s off season plan to promote polocrosse within the UK and to increase the number of people involved in playing and watching the sport and by all accounts they went well with the demo team showing off the sport to large crowds each day.

The UKPA has also announced the Sky Sports running times of the upcoming TV programmes on the recent test match series against South Africa. The test match series was filmed by the Country Channel and as a result four half an hour programmes will be shown on both the Country Channel itself and Sky Sports.

The UKPA final piece of good news was the announcement of the UKPA ball, which is being hosted this year by Arden Polocrosse Club at Stoneleigh Agricultural Centre in Warwickshire on the 21st of November. Music will be provided (as is traditional at UKPA balls) by former UK Captain Jason Burbidge and his band, Big Agenda.