In the latest edition of “Off the Racquet”, the American Polocrosse Association’s newsletter, the outgoing president Nick Cheesman said that “the lack of interest and participation in the serving the APA is concerning”. He says there are plenty of ideas coming forwards as to how the association can better serve its members but now is the time for the members of the association to stand up and play their part.

Mr Cheesman says that in order to best help the new president the membership need to being asking what they can do to help rather than asking when is something going to happen. He stresses the desire of the new president, Kellee Campbell, to develop the playing base at domestic level and says the association needs to focus more on its grassrooots rather than the international level.

This is a situation that seems to be mirrored around a lot of the polocrosse world. The UK executive committee are often heard to say that no one is willing to stand up and take on particular duties; executive elections are normally one horse races. In the last two years only three executive positions have been opposed and a number of positions have had no nominees, which has resulted in people being nominated from the floor of the AGM on the day itself.

When asked about this one former UKPA player representative said “Well, at least the Americans are clearly making suggestions to their executive. In the UKPA you can go a whole year as a players rep without anyone really making any suggestions to you! Still, I shouldn’t moan, it made it an easy job!”

UKPA sports development officer, Iain Heaton, said the situation did sound familar but he was presently taking steps to change it. Over the next week he intends to issue a statement explaining his desire to “empower the membership and provide them with both the skills and equipment to go out and grow the sport. There are a lot of people out there doing a great deal of good for the sport and there a great deal more who I am sure are able to and would like to. What we need to do is find these people and help them in whatever way they need helping.”

He agreed it was hard sometimes to get people to take on particular jobs but that this is to be expected in a small sport where no one is paid and everyone does it out of a love for polocrosse and a desire to help the sport. He admitted doing an Executive role is very time consuming and needs a great deal of dedication but he also said that sometimes he felt people were afraid to put themselves forward for Executive positions out of fear of failure and this shouldn’t be the case. He said “I have failed at things since I started on the Executive but I will keep persevering and so should everyone else! Whether the membership should keep voting me in is a different matter…”

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