Report by Jodi Tiver

Murchison Polocrosse Club is one of the oldest clubs in WA and is located in a remote mid-west region about 9 hours north, and slightly east, of Perth with ‘outback red dirt’ fields. Even though the actual club member base is most definitely one of the smallest they certainly put on a good show every year with clubs coming from 2 hours south of Perth and travelling 2 days to play at this annual tournament on July 11th & 12th.

This year saw 30 teams front up to play even though the region had recently had a huge amount of rain turning most trucks and cars that ventured along the gravel road from Mullewa a lovely shade of orange, including the very freshly painted semi of Stewy and Julie Bolingbroke’s that carted the whole Foothills Team B Grade Team!

A fantastic weekend of polocrosse was enjoyed by all both on and off the field, as is usually the case with this tournament!, with the annual Crocodile Races being won by Trent Cooper, Graham Tiver and Lizzie Lyster!!


A Grade

Walkaway v Greenough

Score: 14-13

Walkaway Team: Wayne Woods, Ray Miller, Trent Cooper, Sally O’Brien, John Hart and Doug Brown
Greenough Team: Jared Martin, Lizzie Lyster, Tom Levett, Hailey Martin, Laurie Martin and Rachael Martin

Champion Pony Award: ‘Tiger Lily’ ridden by Rachael Martin of Greenough

B Grade

Foothills won all games – round robin 5 teams in total

Foothills Team: Adrian Tiver, Shane Wheat, Stewy Bolingbroke, Paul Calneggia, Graham Tiver and Greg Rodwell
Champion Pony Award: ‘Rosebrook Archer’ ridden by Adrian Tiver of Foothills

C Grade

Walkaway v Moonyoonooka

Score: 21-7
Champion Pony Award: ‘Roger’ ridden by Michael Thurkle of Walkaway

D Grade

Walkaway v Murchison – no final

Champion Pony Award: ridden by George Preston

E Grade

Perth v Walkaway

Score: 7-4
Champion Pony Award: ‘Lucinda’ ridden by Annabelle Campbell of Walkaway

Well done to all the winners and the Murchison Club. The next Tournament will be held by the Greenough Polocrosse Club on July 25th and 26th. For any more news and information on the Western Australian Polocrosse Association please contact our Publicity Officer on email: