Report by Jodi Tiver

The last real ‘outback red-dirt’ tournament was held by the Mullewa Polocrosse Club on August 22nd & 23rd with plenty of the Mid-West clubs turning up to play. It was a little smaller in numbers than the last few but the competition was still a good standard and gave some other players a chance at the higher grades. Once again the A Grade final was won by only a single goal and according to sources this came about with a little ‘tap’ to the helmet in the last 5 seconds! But hey, a win is a win and the Greenough Club would most certainly be glad to get another score on the board with the Annual PAWA Champion Club Awards date closing in!


Greenough d Walkway

Greenough Team: Jane Cooper, Serena O’Brien, Jared Martin, Liz Lyster, Laurie Martin & Aaron Cole
Walkway Team: Tarmala Bailey, Wayne Woods, Trent Cooper, Doug Brown, Phil Crabb & Ray Miller
Champion A Grade Horse: ‘Franco’ ridden by Lauren Cant of Moonyoonooka


Moonyoonooka d Irwin

Moony Team: Dan Cransberg, Alana Clohessy, Hayley Smythe, Sharon Wundenberg, Pete Howden & ?
Champion B Grade Horse: ‘Donkey’ ridden by Dan Cransberg of Moonyoonooka


Walkaway d Mullewa and Greenough (round robin)

Walkway Team: Catherine Crabb, Norm Anderson, Kerry Coridas, Chanelle Goldsmith, Miles Bain & Amie Smith

Champion C Grade Horse: ‘Whiskey’ ridden by Claire Parker of Greenough


Walkway d Irwin

Walkaway Team: Tennille Crabb, Murray Wallace, Marnie Carey, Christine Morris, Daryl Morris & Lauren Wallace
Champion D Grade Horse: ‘Nandeye Lace’ ridden by Tennille Crabb of Walkway

*Congratulations to Tennille for winning 3 successive Champion Horse awards in a row!


Murray d Walkway
Champion E Grade Horse: ‘Flame’ ridden by Katy Smith of Murray