Guy Robertson has joined the online battle of the polocrosse heavy weights with the launch of his new website, The UK captain follows his UK team mate Jason Webb and the globe trotting farrier Uncle Pete into the online world. Jason has been online for a number of years while Pete only recently joined the world wide web.

On his new website Guy lists the various services he offers, such as horse training, starting young horses and, of course, stud services. On it you can learn more about Guy’s methods of training horses and his influences, plus you can see lots of photos of the man himself, including a rather nice one of him in full hunting gear (there are no nude pictures though unfortunately for his female fans).

Actually, in truth Guy has been global for a while, he often spends time in New Zealand and recently he jetted to the USA where he played in their National Championships, winning best number 1 in the A grade. He also worked extensively over there training and starting horses.