Kent enjoyed a very strong weekend in the heart of Essex as they lifted two grade titles and three second places. Kent took first and second places in the B grade, first in the C grade, second in the primary juniors and second in the juniors as nearly all their teams enjoyed success. It was Pennine picked up the two first places in the Juniors and Primary Juniors and Pennine also picked up second place in the D grade, which Arden won.

The A grade went to Crusaders with the Welsh Dragons in second place. Western Phoenix enjoyed some home success securing second place in the C grade after a hard fought final but their two E grade teams were powerless to stop a Solent one two.

Open Divisions Best Players: Penny Webb and Joe Hopkins

A Grade

1st) Crusaders
2nd) Welsh Dragons

B Grade

1st) Kent
2nd) Kent

C Grade

1st) Kent
2nd) Western Phoenix

D Grade

1st) Arden
2nd) Pennine

E Grade

1st) Solent
2nd) Solent


1st) Pennine
2nd) Kent

Best Player: Hayden Grumley

Primary Juniors

1st) Pennine
2nd) Kent