The 2008 UK polocrosse season continued with the Pennine Tournament on the 24th and 25th May at the Northern Racing College near Bawtry. The tournament was well attended and ran well, the only small problem being the hundred mile a hour winds which battered the ground relentlessly on Sunday, causing balls to deviate madly in mid air and small children and ponies to be blown off into the distance!

At their home tournament Pennine did well and Highlanders and Celyn also both picked up a couple of placings. Arden started the season well by winning the A grade and the Wesh Dragons won the B grade. Western Phoenix continued their good start to the season by winning the C grade .

Best Horse and Rider in the Senior Grades – Charlotte Pykett and Rosebrook Sasha
Best Horse and Rider in the Junior Grades – Jonathan Swift and Tilley

A Grade

1st) Arden – Hamish Michael, Greg Sargent, Sophie Lodder, Rob Jenkinson, Dan Duhig, Simon Paynter
2nd) Highlanders Warriors – Guy Robertson, Charlotte Pykett, James Robertson, Lucy Shell, Debbie Harris, Kim Lampard

B Grade

1st) Welsh Dragons -Jessica Shearing, Lewis Parr, Charlie Wright-Roberts, Osha Williams, Ryan Mee, Will Arnold
2nd) Celyn – Sarah Simkin, Ruth Jones, Tom Simkin, Simon Amor, Annie Mitchell, Laura Hughes

C Grade

1st) Western Phoenix – Nick Foley, Olivia Foley, Ben Marsh, Katie Marsh, Alice Humphrey, Neil Smith
2nd) Celyn – Barry Amor, Chris Illingsworth, John Marsland, Amy Miller, Ffion Tomas, Amy Hughes

D Grade

1st) Pennine – Pete Wherrett, Rebecca Rowley, Olivia Slater, Suki Whitehouse, Sarah Dernie, Rebecca Stansfield
2nd) Highlanders/ Centaur – Dawn Goodfellow, Kirsten Brookes, Frances Duhig, Steph Metcalfe, Zoe Irons, Karen Vining


1st) Pennine/ Arden – Sophie Harding, Louis Cornforth, Jess Hunt, Jonathan Swift, Rosie Townend, Morgan Griffith
2nd) Pennine – Ed Kitchen-Dunn, Guy Harland, James Stansfield, Alex Rowley, Beth Scott, Emily Gilfillan

Primary Juniors

1st) Pennine – Max Pedley, Katie Kitchen-Dunn, Stuart Dyson
2nd) Arden – Lulu Oyamburu, Lily Oyamburu, Bertie Cornforth