The Midland tournament was held at Henley in Arden, meaning that the Saturday night party was in the Arden club house. By all reports it was an excellent party, so good in fact that Tom Wigglesworth, who made his first playing appearance in three years, had to apparently take steps to have certain photos taken off social networking sites in the days that followed.

On the field of play though it was Arden who took the A grade title with Pennine in second place. Pennine got the majority of the best numbers and best horse; the brothers Sics picking up best 1 and best 2 while Jesse Kereope picked up best horse for Snip, owed by Anna Robertson. In the B grade it was Kent who finished top with Pennine again in second and it was also Kent’s weekend in the C grade where they pushed the Welsh Dragons into second spot.

The D grade was split into D1 and D2 due to the number of entries. Solent had a good weekend, picking up 1st place in D2 and second spot in D1. Centaur won D1 and Western Phoenix finished second in D2. The Juniors went to Arden as they defeated Pennine; these two teams are likely to face each other again at Nationals and it promises to be a gripping contest. In the Primary Juniors it was Pegasus Croome’s day as they took top spot with a combined team with the Henson club from France and a full Croome team picked up second place.

A Grade

1st: Arden
2nd: Pennine

Best Numbers:

1) Sam Sics (Pennine)
2) Joel Sics (Pennine)
3) James Davidson (Highlanders)

Best Horse – Snip (Jesse Kereope)

B Grade

1st: Kent
2nd: Pennine

Best Numbers:

1) Kim Lampard
2) Kerry Bean
3) Bryony Cross

C Grade

1st: Kent
2nd: Welsh Dragons

Best Numbers:

1) Sammy Rowden (Kent)
2) Barbara Beaufils (Henson)
3) Will Halcrow (Kent)

D1 Grade

1st: Centaur
2nd: Solent

Best Numbers:

1) Dan Kelly (Solent)
2) Caz Northmore (Centaur)
3) Gill James (Arden)

D2 Grade

1st: Solent
2nd: Western Phoenix

Best Numbers:

1) Joe Witherhurst
2) Margaret Bradley
3) Gabbie Ward


1st: Arden
2nd: Pennine

Best Numbers:

1) Tom Bowden Eyre (Arden)
2) Mischa Painter (Arden)
3) Rosie Miller (Celyn)

Best Horse & Rider: Mystique – Ashleigh Burbidge

Primary Juniors

1st: Henson/Croome
2nd: Croome

Best PJ: Josie Cameron
Best PJ Pony: Polo (Josie Cameron)