The 2008 American Polocrosse National Championships took place in the mountains of Loveland, Colorado and the weekend proved successful for USA team captain Robbie Shuttles as his Lone Star A grade team took the title, beating Promised Land into second place and Robbie himself picked up best number 1 in the A grade. The B grade was won by the Wrecking Crew with Lone Star continuing their success by finishing in second place.

Lone Star also managed to pick up third place in the Junior A division but the team who fared the best in the Juniors was Abajo who won the Junior A and picked up second in Junior B.

Full Nationals 2008 Results:
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A Grade

1st) Lone Star (Rob Shuttles, Dori Wiseman, Derek Rumel, Prissy Rumel, Renee Thompson, Daniel Johnson)
2nd) Promised Land (Seth Alcott, Casey Brown, Brandon Alcott, Nancy Alcott)
3rd) Camp Stewart (Mat Linson, Pat Hensley, Jeeper Ragsdale, Sam Pohl, Quentin Jameson, Rachael Gayler)

B Grade

1st) Wrecking Crew (Tanner Kneese, Victoria Prince, Breda Van Reenen, Thunder Johnson, Kerstie Allen, Sunni Valencia)
2nd) Lone Star (Stephanie Shuttles, Billy Shuttles, Kristi Johnson, Heather Shuttles, Kiki Pantaze, Tessa Rumel)
3rd) Pit Crew (Houston Hutcherson, Tina Hutcherson, Jeremy Stern, Clayton Frederick, Anna Whorton, Renee Sissons)

C Grade

1st) Minnesota Extreme (Troy Chamberlin, Kallie Hainline, Brian Beall, Joe Dooley, Jace Marek, Paige Marek)
2nd) North Texas (Colton Johnson, Alex Dooley, Audrey Schmidt, Tiffany Cummings, Colleen Hause, Jan Valencia)
3rd) Blacks Bluff (Thea Cross, Riggin McNight, Sam Halverson, Kendra Veit, Beth Richard, Gary Gayler)

D Grade

1st) Iowa (Natalie Eden, Silver Laursen, Paige Sumner)
2nd) Abajo (Scott Ahlgrim, Amy Ahlgrim, Chris Sweeney)
3rd) Kokopelli (Lindsay Hall, Jessie Hibell, Miranda Wilson)


1st) Masters B (Al True, Terry Von Gease, Jim Byrd)
2nd) Masters A (Lachlan Clarke, Dale Hopwood, Peter Kesby)
3rd) Masters C (Dave Carnell, Julie Keahey, Amy Keith)

Junior A

1st) Abajo (Hugh Veit, Hilton Veit, Hunter Veit)
2nd) Pit Crew (Holt Hutcherson, Tristan Chamberlin, David Lynn)
3rd) Lone Star (Tallie Thompson, Brittney Crawford, Alecs Pettis-Miller)

Junior B

1st) The Beasts (Ceara Maxwell, Stacey West, Roberta Woronowiz)
2nd) Abajo (Austin Ahgrim, Beth Floyd, Grace Vickers)
3rd) Habaneros (Anna Salas, Louis Hefton, Andrew Salas)

Best Players:

A Grade:
# 1: Rob Shuttles
# 2 : Dori Wiseman
# 3: Derek Rumel

B Grade:
# 1: Heather Shuttles
# 2: Anna Whorton
# 3: Renee Sissons

C Grade:
# 1: Colton Johnson
# 2: Kallie Hainline
# 3: Paige Marek

D Grade:
# 1: Natalie Eden
# 2: Paige Sumner
# 3: Chris Sweeney

# 1: Lachlan Clarke
# 2: Dale Hopwood
# 3: Jim Byrd

Junior A:
# 1: Hugh Veit
# 2: Tristan Chamberlin
# 3: Alecs Pettis-Miller

Junior B:
# 1: Austin Ahlgrim
# 2: Stacey West
# 3: Roberta Woronowicz

Best Horse:

A Grade: Lizzie—Robby Shuttles
B Grade: Cowboy—Renee Sissons
C Grade: Raven—Jan Valencia
D Grade: Nova—Natalie Eden
Masters: Colonel, Robbie Noiles, ridden by Paul Repenning
Junior A: Trinidad—Tallie Thompson
Junior B: Eppie—Grace Vickers

Best Conditioned Horse:

A Grade: Camp Stewart’s Oops, ridden by Mat Linson
B Grade: Renee Sisson’s Cowboy
C Grade: Jan Valencia’s Raven
D Grade: Brent Peterson’s Shady
Junior A: Holt Hutcherson’s Maverick
Junior B: Andrew Salas’ horse

Special Awards:

Bomber Junior Horseman: Sara Cifelli
U21 Best Rider: Sara Cifelli
Horse Of The Year: Cricket, owned by Susan Johnson
Nationals 2008 Most Smiling Player: Caitlyn True

Rotating Awards:

Friendship Cup: Victoria Prince
Best Presented Team: Pit Crew
Best Sportsman: Kiki Pantaze
Best Playing Junior: Sam Pohl
Tricia Cane Award: Amy Keith
Best Umpire 2008: Amy Keith