Jane Wright-Roberts, presently the UKPA’s Director of cCoaching, and Dave Brookes, ex-chairman of the UKPA, have announced their manifestos to run for the vacant Chairman position.

Jane’s manifesto
Dave’s manifesto

Jane’s decision to run has come as a shock as she still has a year to run in her coaching role. However Dave Brookes, who resigned from the position of Chair shortly before Nationals is intending to run again and no one else was said to be challenging him. Therefore, it would seem Jane felt it necessary to throw her hat into the ring, though no official statement has been received.

No one else seems keen to take on the position, though Player Representative Iain Heaton did tell us he considered running but decided against it, partly because he felt he was too young and lacked the experience to do the job properly and also because he wanted to concentrate on his sports development role. There has also been no indication of anyone willing to take on the vacant treasurer role, which could means the UKPA Executive is rather bare next year. On the plus side however it will mean they all get more bacon rolls at the meetings, which a couple of executive members did say they were looking forwards to!

It is known that Jan Jenkinson intends to restand as Membership Secretary and Iain Heaton is running for Sports Development Officer. Hamish Michael is running for the position of Chief Umpire, Julian Smith is re running for the position of Trustee, Sue Brookes is standing again to be Secretary (after she resigned in August)and Guy Robertson and Richard Chapple are running for the position of Players Representative.