The wild merry go round of transfers continued today with the announcement of two more players moving clubs. Imogen Johnson has moved from Pennine to the Crusaders and Tessa Newton has moved from Kent to take her place at Pennine. Both these players are young and talented and both have represented the UK at various levels.

Their reasons for moving are not known but it may be fair to guess that Imogen is moving in order to be part of a team that may challenge for the A grade honours this year. She may feel this is necessary in order to get her name firmly in contention for the senior UK ladies team in time for the potential Australian tour in the next couple of years and the World Cup in 2011.

Tessa’s reason maybe to simply to play alongside her friends, the brothers Sics and Rhianydd Lee-Jones, at Pennine and also the move will guarantee her a spot in a club’s top A grade team; the influx of Australians at Kent making it harder for her to be consistently in their best team.

These moves would suggest that the Crusaders’ top team this year will be Rick “The Lionheart” Murray, Shaye Williams, Regan Gloyn, Imogen Johnson, Andy Baker and Alex Bull while Pennine will run out Joel and Sam Sics, Rhi Lee- Jones, Tessa Newton and two other players, who are still a mystery!