The UKPA Exec has issued the following message:

Given the very strong feelings of concern from the membership with regards to the proposed arrangements for the penning of horses at the Nationals, it has been suggested that we request everybody to sign a disclaimer as they enter the grounds

Disclaimer to read:

The UKPA Executive Committee realise that there has been a great deal of concern over the horse penning arrangements for the Nationals, therefore, we are asking every horse owner to sign this disclaimer. We are providing ( as per our current rule book ) a safe and secure camping area and advise all campers, particularly those in tents to use it.

All Club Captains, Club Chairpersons and Club Health & Safety Officers will be responsible for ensuring that their own Clubs horses are penned in a safe and secure way with electric fencing. Any person camping outside the designated camping area is doing so at their own risk.

“I appreciate and confirm that as the owner of my horse / horses, I am fully and completely responsible for the actions of my horse / horses during this tournament.”