Watch out Australia! We’ve got the Ashes and the Rugby World Cup and now we want the Polocrosse one too! So this is who we are sending to win it for us:

The UK Men’s Squad:

Jason Burbidge (Captain)
Martin Brookes
Hamish Michael
Guy Robertson


James Robertson
Tom Simkin

Only one of these men was at the World Cup last time, captain Jason Burbidge. Hamish Michael makes his playing debut for the UK while Guy Robertson and Martin Brookes have played for the UK for before but this is their first World Cup. Both the reserves are young but talented so if they get called up it shouldn’t be a problem.

The UK Ladies Squad:

Shelley King (Captain)
Debbie Harris
Sophie Lodder
Sarah Simkin


Ruth Simkin
Lizzie Wright-Roberts

This squad is practically unchanged since the last World Cup, after all why change a winning team? They never lost their half of the matches in 2003 and since then have beaten the South Africans and the Zimbabweans. Only the Australians haven’t faced this team yet and we reckon even they will struggle!