Should Greg be worried? Are the Arden youngsters planning a coup? Certainly this sort of picture would suggest that the young players like Jono are starting to flex their muscles, perhaps sensing that Chunder Boy’s power is waning and that now is the time for a new Superhero (such as ‘The Keen Machine’) to rise. Greg has for years been the top dog but even top dogs get old and it is written that “useless is the apprentice who does not surpass his master”.

How merciless the next generation is remains to be seen, it maybe they are content to simply displace ‘The Sarge’ and let him remain within the team, all be it at a lower status. Sometimes, however, new leaders like to remove all traces of the old, a fact which may leave Chunder Boy feeling a bit queasy!

Of course this may not be the case, this may, in fact, be a completely innocent picture of Jono showing off his muscles to a girl but honestly you have to think that is quite unlikely!