The Highlanders have shown what they intend to do with all the new players they are signing; they will be using them in their latest money making scheme, a strip joint! This exclusive, high class establishment, Peppermint Hippo, will be the Highlanders’ very own answer to Stringfellows and should allow the Highlanders to raise the funds necessary to make some more big name signings.

Peppermint Hippos was opened last Saturday night and proved a roaring success (as is clear in the photos). It boasts some of the loveliest ladies the Northeast has to offer.

Highlanders Chairman Guy Robertson said, “We are thrilled at the launch of Peppermint Hippo and we hope to be able to open further outlets all across the Polocrosse scene. We are also looking at the possibility of loan sharking (possibly with real sharks).”

Guy added, “This new venture should hopefully ensure a bright future for the Highlanders Club”. Whether this venture is where the Highlanders intend to employ Uncle Pete’s talents remains to be seen but, as the photo shows, Alex Bull is clearly reveling in the freedom this new role gives him.