The chairman of the Highlanders club, Guy Robertson, has been in contact as a result of the article ‘Not So Slick Without Rick’ to say that he feels that clever use of Becks will restore the Highlanders fortunes.

But which Becks does he mean? There seems to be three possibilties:

1) Has he swooped to sign David Beckham after he resigned as England captain the other day? If so, what role will he be playing in the Highlanders team and has anyone checked what the rules are on kicking a polocrosse ball? If he has managed to get his hands on Posh’s husband (there’s an image for the ladies), it would indeed make free shots in front of goal interesting, though he will have to become slightly more accurate as our goals are much smaller (footballers have it so easy). Certainly David did seem upset not to get his hands on the World Cup so maybe if he shows real potential he could get in the UK team for next April to give himself another chance!

2) Maybe Guy is planning to use the well known German beer? He could perhaps fuel the Arden team up on it at the Saturday night party so they are incapable of playing in the final. If the players won’t drink it there is the possibility he could use it to spike their horses’ water. As a final option, the Highlanders could use the empty bottles as weapons (though you might need something a bit heavier to take down Greg Sargeant).

3) The final possibility is that he could mean Edward Beckerlegge. Ed did play last weekend at Liscombe and it was his goals in the final chukka that made them beat Arden by a very narrow margin. Ed hasn’t played a great deal in the last year, turning up for the odd tournament but he didn’t compete in the last Nationals. Ed is certainly a talented player and if Guy has persuaded him to come back permanently then perhaps he could turn the Highlanders’ season around.