Rick Murray flew back to New Zealand this week having only played two tournaments this year. Whether he was scared off by Oscar Harding or whether it was for other reasons we may never know. However, as one great number three leaves the UK scene another one prepares to return. Kerry Bean was last seen winning the B grade at the National Championships with the All Blacks in 2002. Hardly any of her victorious team mates are stil playing either; Matt Stills returned to Australia and Kim Stevens left the game two years ago, though Pip Rumsey recently played at Pennine tournament for the first time in a while. The All Blacks effectively folded the next year and the remaining players dispersed to various clubs.

Kerry was one of the best lady players. She was the All Blacks club captain and also played for and captained the UK ladies side on a number of occasions. Now it seems she will make her return playing for Pendle Wildcats in the C grade at Liscombe tournament. Last time Kerry played in a low grade she was made to play left handed in order to give the others a chance. It seems unlikely she will be repeating this stunt this time around and whether she remains as good as she once was remains to be seen. If she is then the C grade better look out!