With three tournaments gone Arden and Kent Target have made the early running in the UKPA and Polocrosse Extreme league. It is Arden who are on top with 167 points with Kent close behind on 135. The gap back to third is then a further 65 points, with the Yorkshire Warriors being on 70 points and then there is a large group of clubs very close behind them.

In the A grade it is Warwick who have made the best start, they have 50 points after two wins in the grade but Kent Target are close behind with 45 after they completed a one two at Early Season tournament. In the B grade Arden have so far done the best; they have earnt 59 of their points in this grade as they have a grade win and two second places.

The C grade has seen two reasonably new clubs do well; the Bethersden Bulls are the most successful at this grade with 53 points but Beaudesert are also doing well with 40. The D grade seems to be potentially shaping up as straight fight between Arden and Chiltern, they are on 45 point and 38 points respectively. They finished first and second at the last two tournaments, though Chiltern got the better of Arden on each of those occasions so may well overhaul them in the next few tournaments.

The E grade is more open, which is often the case with a number of mixed teams playing, as clubs try and get games of an appropriate level for less experienced players. Kent have done the best so far with 17 points but both Nottingham Trent Uni and Cotswold are close behind with 12 points.

In the Juniors it is the Yorkshire Warriors who have got off to a very strong start, their junior team have two grade wins so far this season and have claimed 42 points in the grade.

Meanwhile the Primary Juniors grades are a mirror of the overall league standings, Arden lead on 35 points with Kent just behind on 19 points.

There is still a long way to go in the 2019 season; new challengers may well yet appear in all the grades as players and horses find top form and clubs may even be forced to move up the grades as players are regraded.

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ClubA GradeB GradeC GradeD GradeE GradeOpen JuniorsIntermediate JuniorsPrimary JuniorsTotal
Kent Target452117171619135
Yorkshire Warriors1994270
Bethersden Bulls531265
Cotswold Uni2323
Nottingham Trent Uni1212