It’s that time of year where we can reveal who has won the  UKPA and Polocrosse Extreme Leagues for 2015! The leagues take all the wins and second places that clubs have achieved through the UKPA season and for each one awards a certain number of points, based on what the grade and the placing was. Clubs also get points for their players being in mixed teams, providing the team was named as mixed on the tournament order of play. So all the tournament results have been collated and input into the Polocrosse Extreme computers and we can now reveal who has won the two leagues for 2015! Drum roll please!

In the main league, which is based on the total points won by each club, it is a third win in a row for Kent Target. They have collected a total of 546 points throughout the season, mainly thanks to their dominance at A grade, where they picked up 203 points, and also a healthy C grade total of 133 points. They also have the highest number of B grade points (77 points) and 58 points in the Open Juniors, as well as points in the D grade, the Intermediate Juniors and the Primary Juniors. They will receive the Janet Jones Memorial Trophy for their league win at the forthcoming UKPA Ball.

In second place are the Welsh Dragons, who managed 390 points; 175 of these points came in the C grade, where they were the highest scoring club. They also picked up 64 points in the B grade and 48 points in the E grade. However, given they do have 24 less playing members than Kent it would have been hard for them to match Kent in every grade, though Kent actually do not score that well in terms of number of points per player.

Slightly behind the Welsh Dragons are their rivals from Wales, Celyn, who scored a total of 356 points. They scored well in the D grade, where they top scored with 116 points and the Open Juniors where they also came top with 100 points. However, they will probably be disappointed with third place, as they are the only club who can rival Kent for size, and with the fact they haven’t scored that many points in the A and B grades. After Celyn, it is only a 16 point gap to Arden who achieved 340 points, despite being under half the size of clubs like Celyn and Kent Target. Their Intermediate juniors contributed 104 of these as they top scored in that grade and then their Open Juniors team contributed 60 points while their C grade team contributed 61.

After Arden, there is a wider gap to Cotswold on 273 points in fifth spot, with 103 of their points won by their A grade team and 101 of them by their D grade team. For the full league tables please scroll to the bottom of the page.

The other way the League is worked out is according to the size of the clubs. This is where the total points achieved by the club is divided by the number of playing members that the club has. For the second time in their history, it is the Highlanders who have won this league, though they were very closely followed by Arden. Highlanders achieved a total of 17.14 points per playing member (of which they had seven throughout the season) versus a total of 16.17 points per playing member for Arden (who have 21 playing members). If Arden had scored 21 points more or Highlanders 21 points less their positions would have been reversed. However, Arden will no doubt be pleased with their second spot and the fact they are comfortably ahead of last year’s champions, Rockwood, in third position, who had a total of 12.48 points per player. Just behind Rockwood comes Rugby with a  total of 12.28 points per player and then in fifth spot is the Welsh Dragons with 12.17 points per player.  The two biggest clubs in the UK, Kent Target and Celyn, will be disappointed with their results in this league, coming 9th and 10th respectively.

If the Leagues are looked at grade by grade, it is clear in the A grade that Kent have once again dominated the season with 203 points. Highlanders and Cotswold have both taken a good number of points in that grade with 120 and 103 respectively but after that the two Welsh clubs, Welsh Dragons and Celyn, will both be disappointed that they failed to score more points in the highest grade.

In the B grade things were far tighter but it is once again Kent who have top scored with 77 points. After them came Rugby with 69 points and then Welsh Dragons with 64 points, closely followed by Cotswold on 59 points.

In the C grade it is the Welsh Dragons who have claimed the most points with 175. Behind them are Kent Target with 133 points and then further behind are Arden with 61 points, Northern Lions with 54 points (who will be pleased with this total in their first year of playing C grade) and Celyn with 51 points.

In the D grade, it is Celyn who have won the most points at 116 points but they aren’t far ahead of Cotswold (101 points) or Rugby (87 points).

In the E grade, it is comfortable win for Limemere Sparks, whose team picked up a good number of wins throughout the season before moving up to play D grade towards the end of the season. They scored 96 points, comfortably clear of the Welsh Dragons who came second with 48 points.

In the Junior grades it is Celyn who have won the Open Juniors, with 100 points during the season. Arden are second with 60 points but only just ahead of Kent Target with 58 points and Ledbury with 53 points.

In the Intermediate Juniors it was Arden’s year as they scored 104 points, clear of Rockwood who came second with 47 points and the Welsh Dragons, who came third with 33 points.

However, in the Primary Juniors it is Rockwood who have won the day. Rockwood, who formed from as Pony Club Branch team last year and promptly won the league according to size of clubs on the basis of their strong performance in Primary Juniors, has shown that it was certainly no fluke as they recorded 90 points in the Primary Juniors again this year. Limemere Sparks are second with 44 points and then come Celyn with 29 points.

So that is the Leagues done for this year! Next year we aim to try and keep them more up to date during the year. We have redesigned the entire programme (editor’s note: aka the big Excel spreadsheet) to make it function better (editor’s note: we worked out how to use a new formula called an Indirect formula) so hopefully it will be slightly less work for us to try and keep it up to date during the season!

Congratulations to the 2015 League winners, we hope you are all at the UKPA Ball next weekend to collect your trophies! If you haven’t already booked your tickets then we hear they are selling out fast so click here to book yours now!

The UKPA and Polocrosse Extreme League (The Janet Jones Memorial Trophy)

Club  A Grade   B Grade   C Grade    D Grade   E Grade    Open Juniors Intermediate Juniors Primary Juniors Total     
Kent Target  203  77  133  45  58  24  6  546
Welsh Dragons  43  64 175 48 26 33  390
Celyn  25 23 51 116 12 100 29  356
Arden  20 36 61 36 60 104  23 340
Cotswold  103 59 101 10 273
Rugby  38 69 87 12 14 13 233
Limemere Sparks  38 96 7 6 44 191
Rockwood  47 90 137
Highlanders  120  120
Ledbury  16 6 33 53 5 113
Chiltern  22 35 28 16 100
Northern Lions  54  7 8 5  20  94
Bucks Broncos  12 19 16  47
North Warwickshire PC  16  6  22


The UKPA and Polocrosse Extreme League, taking into account the size of club (The Polocrosse Extreme Trophy)

Club  A Grade   B Grade   C Grade    D Grade   E Grade    Open Juniors Intermediate Juniors Primary Juniors Total     
Highlanders  17.14  17.14
Arden  0.95  1.71 2.90 1.71 2.86 4.95 1.08  16.17
Rockwood 4.27 8.21  12.48
Rugby  2.00 3.63 4.60 0.65 0.74 0.67 12.28
Welsh Dragons 1.34 2.00  5.47 1.51  0.82 1.03 12.17
Limemere Sparks 2.38  6.00 0.44 0.40 2.74 11.95
Buck Broncos 3.00 4.83 3.92 11.75
Cotswold  4.29 2.46 4.19 0.42 11.36
Kent Target  3.63 1.38 2.38 0.79 1.04 0.42  0.11  9.75
Celyn  0.56 0.51  1.13 2.58 0.27 2.23 0.63 7.91
Chiltern  1.34 2.20 1.75 0.98 6.27
North Warwickshire PC  4.00  1.58  5.58
Ledbury  0.76 0.29  1.57 2.52 0.22  5.37
Northern Lions  2.00 0.26 0.28 0.20  0.75  3.49