Kent Target’s 2019 tournament took place at the new venue of Silver Leys Polo club in Hertfordshire. However, the pressure of hosting obviously affected the home club’s results as they only picked up one grade placing. They did also pick up a raft of best numbers in the Juniors and Primary Juniors but the actual grade placings saw a whole range of clubs grabbing points, with Cotswold and Bethersden Bulls doing best with two placings each

Grade1st2ndBest Number 1Best Number 2Best Number 3Best Horse
A GradeWarwickCelyn/ CotswoldCharlie Hewitt (Kent Target)Emily Gilfillan (Kent target)Lizzie Shearing (Warwick)Tweety – Sophia Harpin (Cotswold)
B GradeCotswoldLimemereLaurie Cam (Cotswold)Jack Smith (Cotswold)Charlotte Winder (Arden)Penny – Annabelle Mahoney (Cotswold)
C GradeBeaudesertBethersden BullsKelly Gardner (Beaudesert)Jo Paynter (Beaudesert)Simon Paynter (Beaudesert)Marimba – Jazz Henning (Bethersden Bulls)
Uper D GradeChiltern Arden 1Bob Followell (Chiltern)Stella Stearn (Arden)Phil Henshaw (Arden)Bob Followell (Chiltern)
Lower D GradeKent Target Bethersden BullsGill James (Limemere)Brian Lynch Peter Fielden (Kent Target)Pam – Peter Fielden (Kent Target)
Open Juniors
Alice Power (Kent Target)

Xanthe Goodman (Kent Target)

Sophia Best (Kent Target)
Miller – Alice Power (Kent Target)
Primary JuniorsGeorgia Wasdell (Kent Target)Rosie Webb (Kent Target)James Dawson (Arden)Spotty – Georgia Wasdell (Kent Target)